Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What is the "Pobre de mí" - and when does it happen?

The "Pobre de mí" - which translates to "Poor me!" - is the official closing ceremony of San Fermín, which takes place at the Town Hall, beginning promptly at midnight on the July 14th! After 204 hours of serious partying, it is now time to say "Adiós!" to the sanfermines of this year, and to accept the fact that life now, somehow, has to return to normal!

This "Pobre de mí" ceremony lasts about 30 minutes - with unforgettable fireworks lighting up the skies and with candles held by the revelers lighting up the Town Hall Square…..and, of course, there is lots of singing by the crowds! The melancholy hymn reminds us that the fiestas are indeed over until next July: "Pobre de mí, Pobre de mí, que se han acabado las fiestas de San Fermín." (Poor me, poor me, the fiestas of San Fermín are now over).

The mayor of Pamplona addresses the citizens of the world, to remind us that although the San Fermín fiestas have ended for this year, we have just 355 days until the "chupinaxco" rocket fires again next July 6th, at 12 noon, at the same Town Hall Square, welcoming the fiestas of the next year! YA FALTA MENOS!

If your travel schedule is flexible enough to include this colorful and very traditional closing ceremony, we highly recommend that you plan to be in Pamplona for the night of July 14th!

Here are two videos which describe the closing ceremony, called the "Pobre de mí!" Enjoy!

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