Thursday, June 28, 2018


There are four rockets that you will hear, and the safety of the people running with the bulls depends on the correct and prompt firing of these rockets.

The first rocket is lit at 8:00am, sharp, signaling that the gates have been opened at the corral on Calle de Santo Domingo where the bulls just spent their last night. The second rocket signifies that all the bulls have left the corral and are now loose on the streets. The third rocket is fired to tell the runners that all the bulls have arrived to the bullring. The fourth and final rocket is lit when all the bulls are inside the bullring's corral.
The bulls are released each morning of the bullruns – July 7th, through, and including, the 14th – at 8:00am, sharp

Saturday, June 23, 2018


Many of you have asked us for suggestions as to how to run with the wild bulls in Pamplona...

If you do plan to run with a pack of six, wild, angry, and frightened bulls, we suggest that you do yourself, and those who love you, a real favor:
Read and study the very important information about "Running with the Bulls" at this great website:

We never encourage anyone to participate in this very dangerous tradition; however, if you still plan to run, plan to at least be an "informed" runner!

Viva San Fermín, 2018!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

What about PARKING during the sanfermines??

Many of you have been asking about where to park a vehicle during the very crowded dates of the sanfermines -

If you plan to bring a car to Pamplona, please know that all streets in the old city are blocked to traffic, during the fiesta dates of July 5th, through and including, the 14th.  
You may get lucky and find a spot at the underground parking at the Plaza del Castillo, or at the underground parking area at the Plaza del San Francisco. However, don't count on it, especially if you are planning to arrive on July 5th, when tens of thousands of other tourists also plan to arrive and plan to park their cars, too. 
Parking is sometimes available at the airport; along the perimeter of the Parque de la Taconera (see photos above); and in the residential area called "Rochapea", across the Río Arga from the old city, and about a 20 minute walk to the fiesta.  Here is the link for where the Rochapea area is located:

Please be aware that leaving a car for several days, or even overnight, may be risky.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Which BUS do we take from the PAMPLONA train station to the OLD CITY??

Many of you have been asking a very common question:  From the train station, which public bus is best for transport to the old city, Pamplona?  The only bus from the RENFE train station in Pamplona, to the old city, where the sanfermines take place, is the Bus # 9.....You will see the bus-stop just outside the main entrance/exit of the train station....and, you can expect a short 10-15 minute bus trip into the old city, depending on San Fermín traffic!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

What about CAMERAS at the CHUPINAXCO ceremonies on July 6th??!!

If you insist on bringing a camera into this madness of the CHUPINAXCO, we suggest that you wrap your camera completely in a waterproof bag. Or, we suggest that you bring a waterproof camera, due to the huge amounts of champagne, wine, mustard, mayonnaise, eggs, or other colorful condiments and refreshments that participants throw upon each other!  

We suggest that you do NOT bring your favorite, expensive digital camera into these crowds - your camera will either be ruined with the above mentioned champagne, wines, etc...or, the professional pickpockets may very well add your camera to their collections of San Fermín contraband! See pictures here,, whic show the density of the crowds that gather for the chupinaxco.

Watch this video for more information:
More info on what to expect at the CHUPINAXCO will follow in another post.