Saturday, March 28, 2009

What are the Peñas - and what do they do?

The Peñas are the ultimate display of wild party atmosphere throughout the old city of Pamplona, and throughout the San Fermín fiesta! The peñas, quite simply, are local social clubs that meet throughout the year for whatever reason they need, in order to throw a party! However, their main social event is the San Fermín fiesta, when members of each peña dress in their particular colors and carry their special banner - designed especially for the San Fermín fiesta! The peñas are known for their unending, 24/7, happy music and wild dancing - not only in the streets of the fiesta, but especially during the bullfights as well!
Here is a link which describes clearly the role of the peñas at a bullfight, during the sanfermines, in Pamplona! Enjoy!

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