Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Should we rent BALCONY places, in order to watch the BULLRUNS??

Many of you have been asking the question: Is it really necessary to rent balcony places in order to see the bullruns??

We can tell you from our own experiences from many years ago, that YES!! - If you plan to see the bullruns, then you must be on a balcony along the route - watching the bullrun from the elevation and safety of a balcony is really the only predictable way to witness this "Running of the Bulls" phenomenon!

The bullrun is only 825 meters in length, and it has been estimated that there are only about 800 balcony places for rent each day! There are an estimated 250,000 people in Pamplona - both residents and tourists - on any given date of the fiestas....With so few areas along the route which have barricades for watching the bullruns, you really need to rent balcony places, if you are serious about watching this world-famous event! Do NOT delay!! Send an email to maria@bullbalcony.com right away! Balconies in Pamplona are filling up very quickly now - the sanfermines are just 4 months away!
Here is a picture of tourists who did NOT have balcony reservations with us!

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