Saturday, May 4, 2013

What are the words to the PRAYER to SAN FERMIN, and when is the prayer said?

Many of you have asked us about the PRAYER to San Fermín:
First, the prayer is not recited, as in traditional prayers. This prayer is sung - you may hear the chant here: 
These are the Spanish words to the prayer:
A San Fermín pedimos, por ser nuestro patrón, nos guíe en el encierro, dándonos su bendición!!
 English translation:
To San Fermín, we ask - for being our Patron Saint - guide us in the bullrun, giving us your blessing!!
This prayer is sung at three minutes before the bullrun, at two minutes before the bullrun and at one minute before the bullrun, at the statue of San Fermín, which is placed in a special niche, designed for this purpose, on Calle Santo Domingo, which is the first segment of the bullrun.  
Please note:  Chanting this prayer before the release of six wild, frightened bulls does not guarantee a successful bullrun, without mishaps, however.

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