Monday, June 6, 2011

Are there MEDICAL staff on duty during the BULLRUNS in PAMPLONA?

Yes, each morning of the bullruns, the city of Pamplona mobilizes more than 100+ volunteers to take care of any injuries sustained from the bulls and/or the other runners themselves.  These medical volunteers are specially trained to care for bullrun related injuries, and they are spread out along the "Running of the Bulls" route.  There are more than a dozen first-aid posts and four medical posts that are activated each morning of the bullruns. Pamplona also coordinates extra ambulances in the old city, and they hire additional staff at local Emergency Departments in Pamplona hospitals to care for any injuries related to the sanfermines, whether or not these injuries are directly related to the actual bullrun event. Color codes have been established during the bullrun hours - red, green and yellow - to designate the urgency of the case and to distinguish the particular hospital to which the injured will be taken.  Pamplona's ambulances are able to transport the injured to nearby hospitals within minutes!

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