Sunday, February 1, 2009

More thoughts about the CHUPINAXCO!

We need to emphasize again that if you are bothered by huge crowds, it will be best for you to STAY OUT of this CHUPINAXCO activity!  There are only about 2500 sq. meters of ground space in the Town Hall Square (called the Plaza Consistorial), and there are an estimated 13,000 very wild revelers pushing their way into the Square, all at the same time!  In simpler terms, there are about 5 to 6 persons crushed into EACH sq. meter of ground space! 
Also, because of these unforgiving crowds, and because of the fact that once you get into the Square, you cannot get out....we caution you about bringing valuables into the Square with you!!  Do NOT bring cash, passports, wallets, jewelry, watches, hotel/room keys, etc into this crowded madness of the CHUPINAXCO, as professional pickpockets love this event, too!
Being all this as it may be, we do love the CHUPINAXCO!! much fun to celebrate the opening ceremonies with our family and friends from Pamplona!  If you are serious about watching this spectacle from a safe location, we encourage you to contact us right away, as balcony places for this wild CHUPINAXCO, 2009, event are very limited! We'll see you there!!

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